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Lifestyle Planet Earth is an environmental wellness company that facilitates enhanced well-being through meditation, yoga, and environmentally healthy lifestyle practices. Learn how to become an ecological citizen of your living planet and THRIVE!

Stress Tips in the Workplace behavior modification body mechanics creativity efficiency ergonomic healthy habits mindset personal growth productivity stress buster time management workplace yoga Apr 19, 2022

Feeling stressed at your desk or in pain at your computer all day? Want to feel energized, relaxed, and at your best? Follow these simple stress tips in the workplace:

Stress is a natural part of life that has the potential to keep you motivated and help you adapt to change, especially in the...

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Lifestyle Planet Earth integrates stress management with environmental awareness. We provide resources, solutions, and educational opportunities for personal and planetary sustainability. Educational opportunities include trainings in ecological literacy, contemplative practices, such as yoga and mindfulness, and nature immersion retreats.

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