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Personal and Planetary Sustainability

Greetings Fellow Earthlings!

Lifestyle Planet Earth offers courses, workshops, retreats and coaching to help you become a better ecological citizen of your living planet. Learn about personal sustainability, your inner ecosystem, and experience guided meditations evoking awareness of the prolific support available to us from our partners in the natural world. Desperation for survival and the domination-control paradigm has caused us to take more than our share from our living partners in the community of the web of life. Using contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation, with ecological literacy and nature immersions, we can cultivate contentment and gratitude and take conscious actions that shift our lifestyles and technologies into the synergy-collaboration paradigm. We live on an abundant planet and when shared there is enough for all.


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Free resources for EARTHLINGS!

Guided Ocean Breath Exercise

Develop a profoundly effective stress management technique with the ocean breath exercise. The better you get at the Ocean Breath practice the more and more you can access present-moment-centered awareness at will and the less likely you will be to react negatively to stress. It will also help you strengthen your focusing abilities and help you get through any unpleasant or difficult experiences with resiliency.


Eco-Literacy Guide

Take the first step to becoming an ecological citizen of your living planet! Download this free PDF guide with vocabulary and basic concepts to broaden your understanding of the ecological processes you are participating in as an integral member of your biotic community.


15-Minute yoga Sequence for Beginners and the Flexibility Challenged!

Develop a daily yoga practice with this bite size yoga video sequence for beginners. We will start by warming up the body, getting you moving and connected to the power of the breath, with an alignment based asana practice focusing on healthy body mechanics.


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Lifestyle Planet Earth integrates stress management with environmental awareness.  We provide resources, solutions, and educational opportunities for personal and planetary sustainability.  We look forward to serving you with workshops, retreats, online courses, guided meditations, nature experiences, and private yoga lessons.

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